Apple iTV Almost Ready To Be Produced


Apple iTV Almost Ready To Be Produced

It’s not a myth anymore folks, the Apple TV set has been finally confirmed by the company that is supposed to manufacture it. The firm is called Foxconn and it’s actually Apple’s prime manufacturer of devices such as the iPhone, iPad and now the company’s new television set. Terry Gou, the boss of Foxconn, stated that it’s company getting ready to produce the giant’s newest device.

The TV set has some interesting specs as it seems that it will pack an HD screen probably named Retina Display, an aluminum construction and Siri controls (meaning voice powered remote control features). Also, it will surely come equipped with FaceTime video calling. Of course, just like any other Apple device, the iTV will come packed with iOS.

Terry Gou said that the company that he represents has formed some sort of alliance with Sharp (an important Japanese electronics manufacturer) in order to prepare making Apple’s TV. Nevertheless, he also said that they have not begun producing it yet.

I don’t know exactly when Foxconn will start manufacturing the iTV and when it will be released, but what I do know is that Apple products have a lot of fans especially in the US and when the Apple TV will be launched it will certainly produce a big boom on the market. This will be a serious issue for rival companies such as Samsung and LG which seem to have the upper hand at the moment. Anyway, with the new technology that Apple will introduce on its TVs, the market will surely change and the competitors will have to think of something new in order to counterattack in the future.

We will keep you posted whenever fresh news will appear regarding Apple’s newest device. Stay tuned!!

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