Windows 8 Upgrade Program To Debut On June 2nd


Windows 8 Upgrade Program To Debut On June 2nd

It’s already a habit for Microsoft to start their Windows upgrade program a few months before a new version of their operating system is officially unveiled. Thus, the users are encouraged to buy a PCs running on the current Windows version, then once the new OS is launched they will be able to buy the upgrade package at a special price, in our case Windows 8.

Microsoft’s marketing approach is not bad at all, as the users now have the possibility to purchase a Windows 7 licences, then decide whether is worthy or not to upgrade their OS to Windows 8 – a platform that was so far welcomed with a lot of skepticism by the Windows 7 users, who are familiar to the traditional way of using Microsoft’s operating systems.

The rumor mill speculates that the Windows 8 upgrading program can be accessed by all the users that purchase a desktop PC or laptop running on Windows 7 (Home basic or higher).

Anyway, Microsoft hasn’t announced yet the price cut off for the Windows 8 licences, but the users that now purchase a Windows 7 PC will soon find out how much money they will save. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer until Microsoft unveils the complete details of their Windows 8 update program, as the Redmond-based company plans to start their upgrade offer on June 2nd, synchronized with the debut of the Windows 8 Release Candidate edition – a version that will be representative for how the finalized Windows 8 will run and look like.

It seems that Windows 8 upgrade program will expire in January 2013.

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