iPhone 5 Release Date Is Actually October, Will Not Have A Liquid Metal Case


iPhone 5 Release Date Is Actually October, Will Not Have A Liquid Metal Case

A couple of days ago some rumors indicated that the iPhone 5 release date was rescheduled for September. But the guys at iMore come to correct those rumors, quoting some of their sources, saying that Apple’s next gen iPhone will debut sometime in October. Some other rumors talked about a full HD display for iPhone 5 and a liquid metal unibody case.

All those look more like an Apple fanboy’s wishlist rather than rumors related to a product that really exists. The latest reports come to kill the dreams of the Apple enthusiasts who hoped that their favorite company will launch a “revolutionary” device. The design of the new iPhone 5 is not finalized and, guess what, it will not have a liquid metal case.

Most of the recent speculations were based on several prototype devices Apple is testing in the quest to find the perfect shape for their iOS smartphone. Anyway, it won’t have a liquid metal case and the display will not be bigger than 4 inches, and the physical Home button that was present on all iPhone will be kept on the iPhone 5. Release date? October this year, not September, like previous rumors indicated.

That’s what iMore’s sources have to say about Apple’s new iPhone 5. Disappointed? So are we.

Apple doesn’t seem to care what their fans want from their new smartphone models. The customers will always complain, it’s in their nature to ask for more, Apple fanboys will always say that Apple’s products are the best. Did the disappointing products affected Apple’s sales lately? Definitely not, so we expect the Cupertino-based company to brake some new sales records this fall.

Apple is sentenced to develop a smartphone that is capable of competing against Samsung Galaxy S3, a device that wowed the tech journalists with its specifications and intuitive features.

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