iOS 6 to ditch Google Maps


iOS 6 to ditch Google Maps

Again, we hear news from Apple as they are ready to make another step in taking over the markets. As we know, the Google Maps program is running on iOS starting from 2007, but now this will stop soon, because Apple starter do develop a very advanced system, quite similar how trusted sources says to current program Google Maps which they where used on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, a new Maps app with an Apple backend. All this new experience, will be more faster, more cleaner, what we can say Apple does it all!

So from now one, Apple will create a complete mapping database, even they always had full control of application design before, now they want to be by themselves. To make this possible, it was acquired Placebase, C3 Technologies the leading provider of 3D mapping solutions, and Poly9. To visual aspects, the logo of iOS was redrawn with a new color scheme.

The strong part of new Maps application is the new 3D mode. The idea is that this mode is not activated from the start of the application, but the easy use thanks to a 3D button that is easily activated or dis activated. A pleasure to use it, is beautiful, with realistic graphics.

As further news, at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in mid-June, iOS 6 will be introduced to the new market, when the final version will be ready, because as we know, in the Apple’s laboratories many projects are running in the same time, and in the end they are all pulled together. Also at WWDC, after the presentation of iOS 6, Apple will start to release Beta testing session for the mobile operating system.

As you probably know, iOS 6, will power Apple’s next generation smartphone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5, which is rumored to debut in September, along with the liquid metal unibody case.

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