iPad Mini release date to be October, priced at $200 – 250


iPad Mini release date to be October, priced at $200 – 250

Apple can’t stop surprising us. After inside sources confirmed that iPad Mini will be launched somewhere in the beginning of October, the new tablet which we suppose has 7-inch dimensions after nothing officially came out, it will come with the best advantage! Best price of the market, between  $200 and $250. What, are you surprised? Sounds to good to be real? Yes, but the truth is that this good marketing move will kill the competition, a good product to acceptable price, with high standards from Apple, it will be the shock of the market. This is the similar technique used years ago, when the MP3 market was good shacked after iPod launching.

The new iPad Mini, will be the same as The New iPad, or iPad 3 how is called, just at a smaller scale, using the same technology, same apps. Whit 2048×1536 resolution display, and pixel density at around 326 ppi, we could say that its the same as iPhone 4S, and higher than iPad 3 which has only 264 ppi retina display.

Considering, that the market already has cheap 7-inch tablets from Amazon, Barnes&Noble and HTC, the rumor that iPad Mini will be created showed up since 2010, and now it seems like is the right moment of introducing it in the market, for such a good price and a good quality. Also, this new product at low price will keep going iPad 2 price unchanged for $399.

A thing which we can be sure of, iPad will leave all tablets even further in the dust. We wonder what the feature will bring, with all the competitions between big market players.

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