Apple Working On 7-inch iPad Mini, Release Date Is August 2012


Apple Working On 7-inch iPad Mini, Release Date Is August 2012

Earlier today we’ve told you that rumors say that Apple decided to move iPhone 5 release date up a month, launching their next-gen iOS smartphone in September. The information was coming from DigiTimes‘ sources who informed them that Apple is also working on a 7-inch iPad Mini that will be introduced in August 2012.

Previous rumors have talked about the Apple’s 7-inch affordable iPad Mini, but few thought that the Cupertino-based company would release such a product. DigiTimes writes that Foxconn is already getting ready to kick off the production of the iPad mini and that the 7-inch tablet will be officially unveiled in August.

The biggest surprise is by far the rumors about the next new 10-inch Apple tablet, the real iPad 3 that will be launched near the Christmas Holidays.

Returning to the little Apple iOS tablet, it is speculated that it will be available with prices from $259 to $299, and it will help the Cupertino giant fight against Amazon’s sales hit, the Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire is an Android-powered 7-inch dual-core tablet with a price tag of only $200 and the world’s biggest online retailer already sold millions of these all over the world.

Some other gossip say that Google, the search engine giant, also plans to enter the tablet market, with a tablet that’s better and cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Unofficially dubbed Nexus Tablet, rumor has it that it will come packed with a 7-inch display, quad-core CPU and Android 5.0 Jelly Bean on board, all these for a mere $150.

Looking at Kindle Fire’s success and considering an even bigger threat coming from Google’s tablet, Apple is bound to release a cheaper tablet, capable to withstand the heavy competition coming from the Android environment.

Late Steve Jobs said that the 7-inch tablets are good for nothing: they are too small to fight against the 10-inch tablets and too big to become a rival for smartphones, but it seems that Apple’s new leaders don’t agree with the man that brought the company to the highest peak of the telecom industry.

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