HTC Golf to be sold as Desire C or Wildfire C


HTC Golf to be sold as Desire C or Wildfire C

HTC Golf sounds familiar? A new phone will appear on the market and this is the code name for the Wildfire C budget phone. The new product’s photos are released on the internet and also the rumors sound like the mobile will finally stick to the name of HTC Desire C, not the previously HTC Wildfire C.

Also from the rumors we can believe that the new HTC comes with a single core processor, probably under 1GHz, along with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich Os, with HTC sense 4.0. Beats Audio and a microSD also included. Let’s just not forget that these are rumors, the reality might be a little different, because these details for the moment are unavailable officially. We consider that if the pictures were released officially, the details will come soon as well.

A sure thing stated by the web site is that HTC’s new product comes with a 3.2-inch 480 x 320 screen, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage also 5MP camera, so we can guess that this series has the One V as its basic model, but in HTC’s world of products, the new  HTC Desire C will be exactly after HTC One series.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, the new HTC product will be released on the market, to be enjoyed worl wide, under whatever name they like.

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