iPad 2 to have killed Amazon Kindle Fire’s sales


iPad 2 to have killed Amazon Kindle Fire’s sales

The competition seems to come to an end with the two players, iPad 2 from Apple and Kindle Fire from Amazon.

After coming on the public market, at the end of last year, research firm IHS iSuppli confirmed that Kindle Fire tablet shipped almost 4 millions pieces, covering 14% of the global market of tablets, even the time was short, available for nearly two months. A good start, we could say taking over the market and being a high competitor for iPad 2.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stated that the Apple iPad 2 sales are not suffering any modifications, after the impact of Kindle Fire. Maybe just a marketing move, and an unreal statement from Tim Cook, considering that in the first quarter of 2012 the iPad 2 dropped the price to $399. By this move, the leading is handed to the newest Apple’s product  iPad 3, or the new iPad, how it’s called.

Even after all these moves in the both companies, it seems like people still prefer to pay $399 for a tablet with higher standards, a well known Apple tablet with plenty of features, than to choose a cheaper version for $199, and this time quality wins, not the money, this being confirmed by the drop to 750,000 units for Kindle Fire.

Leaving the past behind, and taking care of the future, after the iPad 3 was launched, Amazon is expected to launch in the second half of 2012 a new tablet, with unknown advantages yet.

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