Windows 8 RT To Limit Web Browser Choices To Internet Explorer?


Windows 8 RT To Limit Web Browser Choices To Internet Explorer?

Interesting news from Windows 8, as Microsoft presented the first official features on Wednesday, and let’s just say that is a new idea after 25 years, a new way to see things. After Mozilla already stated that the progress in creating a new version of Firefox for Windows 8, the shocked came when Microsoft explained their intentions that specially for ARM-based devices, to limit user choice for browsers, so the only browser allowed to run in Windows Classic to be Internet Explorer, locking out any third-party options. Windows Classic is one of the environments, and also Metro is available which allows other browsers to run in the system. Mozilla started to claim the right that there should be no technical limitation that can prevent apps to run in Classic mode as well, if we imagine that they already made the plan of business and marketing for the new Windows 8.

Microsoft started to take action in a way to Mozilla’s accusations, probably learning from the past when they had legal problems when they had a competitive advantage after they bundled the browser, and it lasted until 1994 when DOJ stepped in. Later, the reason stated by attorney David Heiner was that unique security and power chips works properly in his proper created way.

Mozilla waits to see next move of Microsoft even they know the problem will be solved in one way or another, by putting some pressure on them, and this time seems like the legal pressure could work, because Microsoft declined to make any statement.

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