iPhone 5 Release Date Moved Up To September 2012?


iPhone 5 Release Date Moved Up To September 2012?

Rumor has it that Apple have scheduled the iPhone 5 release date for September. Quoting sources close to the matter, DigiTimes informs that the US-based giant is planning to unveil their next-gen iPhone in September, one month after the debut of a 7-inch iPad Mini.

World’s biggest source of Apple rumors, DigiTimes, claims that one of Apple’s part suppliers, Pegatron, have already received orders to begin the production of the new iPhone 5. The Cupertino-based company usually orders their partners to start the production of a new iPhone model four months ahead of the official launch, thus the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 might be officially unveiled sometime in September.

What we know for sure is that the iPhone 5 will certainly not be showcased at Apple’s WWDC 2012 event next month, where we will probably get a quick peek inside the features of the new iOS 6, with beta testing sessions beginning soon after and, of course, the new version of Mac OS X will be demoed.

Returning to iPhone 5, I personally expected Apple to introduce their new iOS smartphone in October, but now it seems that he release date have been moved up a months, which is great news for the Apple enthusiasts as they would be able to get their hands on the new smartphone sooner than expected.

As about the iPhone 5 specifications, it was rumored that it will be powered by Apple’s A6 SoC, based on a quad-core CPU. To be honest, I find this quite unlikely as Cook’s company is usually placing the latest iPad’s components inside their smartphones, so the iPhone 5 might sport new iPad’s A5X dual-core 1 GHz chipset. I am pretty sure that the new iPhone will sport 4G LTE support and a bigger display (4.0-inch, my guess) member of the Retina family.

Some other rumors were saying that Apple will use liquid metal technology for the manufacturing process of the iPhone 5 body, but the speculations are yet unconfirmed.

iPhone 5 is set to compete against Samsung’s newly-released flagship, Galaxy S3, a quad-core Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-powered smartphone that comes with loads of interesting features. But will the iPhone 5 be able to help Apple’s dropping smartphone market share grow? What do you expect from the new Apple smartphone?

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