Blackberry Curve 9320 released with BB OS 7.1


Blackberry Curve 9320 released with BB OS 7.1

BlackBerry Curve 9320, the newest  product is finally ready for the market. A medium quality phone, created specially for keeping people connected, with the global 3G connectivity along the long battery life, which allows people to stay in touch all day long with their needs, represents the strongest part of the styled Curve 9320. The phone was created to have an incredible easy use, to be handy for a big category of people, especially to users that they will use for the first time a smartphone, stepping up in the age of speed.

The specs are pretty much what we guessed, with the socially-focused BB OS  7.1 on board, the camera offered has 3.2-megapixel for high quality photos, 2.44-inch 320 x 240 non-touch LCD display non-touch, the powerful battery of 1450mAh will keep all the action going, microSD expandability beyond the 512MB eMMC storage, and the featured BBM key. Rumors say that it already received its wireless green card.

In the new Blackberry Curve 9320 we can find everything we need to stay in touch with our virtual world day by day. Bringing the power of RIM’s popular mobile social network up in an instant, and using quite the best keyboard in his category, the phone is made to have such an easy and quick typing.

Another good point of the phone BlackBerry Curve 9320, because of the good lifetime of the battery, the built-in FM radio allows the users to have an easy access to favorite channels because it does not require a data plan or to use data services. Along the 3G connectivity and the good battery, the users of the phone can get up to 7 hours of talk time, or more than 30 hours of listening FM radio or music with the headphones attached. . The integrated camera includes a flash and supports video recording, and pictures can be tagged with their location thanks to the smartphone’s built-in GPS.

As a new feature, the device provides Parental Controls, designed to protect children by restricting access to specific functions, features and applications, all made just with simple options.

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