Tomko Transceiver, an iPhone accessory for the hipster in you


Tomko Transceiver, an iPhone accessory for the hipster in you

We’ve just stumbled upon the Tomko Transceiver, an iPhone accessory that redefines the word “cool” forever. Why hold your phone up to your ear when you can use the transceiver and attract every single eyeball around you ?

This absolutely useful device even makes use of Siri, so you can make calls without touching the iPhone. Just get the transceiver out of your pocket and feel like a pedestrian truck driver when asking Siri to call someone. It has quite a lot of features and it could actually be useful, if it weren’t so damn awkward and lame.

If you wanna reach the hipster level 99 you must hurry and buy this gadget, because you can’t go wrong. And make sure to use it all the time and don’t even let people what phone you are actually using because you might lose some points.

And if you are not satisfied by the Tomko Transceiver and still want to talk to your cellphone like a boss, you have to give this a try, because it’s definitely worth it.

If we managed to convince you and you really want to invest in an accessory that can guarantee you a new social status, you can order it here.

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