New iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors, Along With New Specs


New iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors, Along With New Specs

The new generation of iPhone 5. Everybody waits it, and any rumor is in the attention of potential customers, or simply in the attention of the market. After all the iPhone is one of the biggest players on the phone market.

Starting from an unnamed source, Apple is now cutting its orders of iPhone touch panels. It might be the way to tell us, by the 15 to 20 percent decrease in shipments of the touch panel components that the transition to a the new technology has begun.

The new technology called in-cell touch will be in the final stage, according to the source and iPhone will be the latest technology itself. This will help to achieve one of the greatest and useful things, a reduced size of the iPhone, and an easier with fewer steps during the manufacturing process, so everybody comes in advantage.  Later this year Apple will be using thinner in-cell technology for multi-touch display in its next-generation iPhone, so the future is close with the wind of change. The provider for this new technology remains unknown for the moment, for the reason that the DigiTimes report shows that TPK i Wintek will not be the ones responsible providing the in-cell touch panels.

For the new features an iPhone 5, rumors say that the display will come with better way to be used, thinner, and brighter. With this new in-cell touch, the iPhone eliminates the need for more layers of glass and sensors, and by this, another series of advantages appears and many other benefits. After all this, imagine that the next rumor will make you dream about the new iPhone 5, a larger display (4-inch) launched with 4G LTE support. Fewer pins with 30-pin port, means a new Dock connector will be one more new thing.

The iPhone 5 might use Gorilla Glass 2, for a better resistance from scratches and other shocks in daily uses, and used partially, while the rest to be made of a Liquidmetal alloy, but again these are just rumors, nothing official.

Nothing official about the release date on the market, even some people say June is the month, but expert reports show its more likely October. One thing we know for sure, everybody expects Apple, to shock the world with a new device, capable to take over the markets all over the world, and putting the base of the new generation technologies, the biggest expectation from the biggest player of futuristic technologies.

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