Adobe CS6 released, brings new features to Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver


Adobe CS6 released, brings new features to Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver

Adobe Creative suite 6, the newest software in the attention of a large category of users as designers, artists, photographers, videographers, publishers, and others in the “content creation” business. We can find it in useful packages such as Master Collection for $2,599, Design and Web Premium for $1,899, or the basic Design Standard collection for only $1,299.

A good way to see things is that the individual packages are also available, for example the well known Adobe Photoshop CS6 standard version for only $699, or Illustrator for $599. The improvement of Adobe CS6 comes in a mixture of speed and quality effects, for example a cache-related speedup to After Effects for video effects, or an easier and practical video editing interface, and many other features created just to simplify our job, like Photoshop’s content-aware move tool and accelerated video.

Adobe CS6 comes in two options as Prelude wich comes for a faster job, were the user can edit videos right after they have been created so they can be modified right away, edited with liked comments in the footage or editing the rough parts of a video. The second one of the packages is SpeedGrade, the beauty esthetician of a video. Specialized for color-grading video, and taking care of the “looks” of the video with Premiere Pro and After Effects, making the result thanks to the custom settings.

In advantage of Adobe CS6, they find a new way to sell it more fast and more easier, Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription, and you can pay in two simple ways, depending if you sign up for a whole year, the service costs are only $50 per month, or the other way if you make it month by month $75.

You should know that the upgrades cost significantly less that the full versions of the programs. Common things for Creative Cloud service we can find with Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Google Drive, for file sharing service of 20GB, and other online services, but also particular things useful such as Edge for interactive Web page design and Muse for simpler Web site design, making the job easy without having too much in common about programming.

So, with the granted access to newest features, and many other goodies on the way to come, Adobe is confident that their services will attract a lot of fans of Creative Cloud, even the surveys were a little negative about the price. It’s expected to arrive later this year, with a price of $70 a month per user, if you want it for a whole year for business plans, called Team edition.

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