Apple Working On $799 MacBook Air, Release Date Is Q3 2012


Apple Working On $799 MacBook Air, Release Date Is Q3 2012

The most prolific source of Apple-related rumors, Digitimes, reports that the Cupertino giant could launch, not latter than the third quarter of 2012, a new MacBook Air model which might cost as much as $800.

Apple’s MacBook Air is one of the most popular products of the American company’s line-up. Millions of MacBook Air units are sold monthly and Apple’s competitors are struggling to develop new products to become at least as popular as the Mac OS X-powered ultrabook. Intel made a huge leap forward in the battle against the MacBook Air, after they launched some ultrabooks with prices around $700, but Apple might fight back as they are reportedly planning a new MacBook Air which will have a price tag of only $799.

Digitimes, quoting sources inside Apple’s part supplier chain, says that the Cupertino-based company decided to crate cheaper ultrabooks in order to be able to fight against the new wave of portable machines announced by the rival companies. Digitimes’ source says that the new MacBook Air will be available for $799 which will put a lot of pressure on the Windows-powered ultrabooks, announced for $700.

Because of Intel’s high prices asked for their processors, many of the ultrabooks manufacturers had to cut the production costs by saving on finishings and design, which helped Apple to continue to sell their machines at high prices. Now it looks like things have changed, as Apple is bound to cut off the price of the MacBook Air in order to stay in front on this market segment.

Now, the cheapest MacBook Air costs $999, while the iPad 3 4G + WiFi is right there, too, priced $829, thus a cheaper ultrabook could also menace the iPad tablet inside the company.

To be honest, I strongly believe that a $799 MacBook Air and packing the technical specifications of the $999 version will be able to attract a lot of customers for Apple.

Let’s not forget though that the information is not official, thus no one can confirm now that such a device will ever see the light of day. One thing is sure: Apple’s products are, in may cases, overpriced.

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