Alleged Nokia Smartphone With Windows Phone 8 Apollo On-board Spotted In The Wild


Alleged Nokia Smartphone With Windows Phone 8 Apollo On-board Spotted In The Wild

A week ago, a tech blog specialized in writing Windows Phone stories informed that one of the website’s visitors used a Lumia device running on Windows Phone 8 Apollo.

Today we have new evidence that such terminals do exist and some lucky guys already got their hands on them. Rumor has it that the picture above is a Nokia model with Windows Phone 8 Apollo on board.

After a closer look you would notice that the device is a Nokia Lumia 900 reportedly running on an unfinished version of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone platform. If you don’t trust this leak, finding it questionable, you should know that I am also aware that we might be looking at a fake OS.

There are a few details that made me question the authenticity of the Windows 8 Apollo leaked photo: the left edge of the device is thinner than the right one (which might be cause by the camera angle), the alleged WP8 device doesn’t feature a front-facing camera and has no logo of the manufacturer. Moreover, where are Windows Phone-specific capacitive buttons?

An explanation for the absence of all the aforementioned details? The source who provided the photo of the alleged Nokia device running on Windows Phone 8 Apollo might have just photoshoped away all the details, in order no the have any troubles with Microsoft or Nokia.

But what intrigued me most is the Apollo v3.7 firmware, which is a bizarre name for a Windows Phone version, considering Microsoft’s standards.

Least, but not last, another reason that makes me believe that the picture might be a fake is that the display’s angle seems a bit different from the phone’s body.

Anyway, we are only one and a half months away from the Microsoft event where Windows Phone 8 might be revealed. Until then I am sure that even more such leaks will hit the web and we will be here to analyze all of them.

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