iPad 2 Silently Upgraded, New A5 Chipset Brings Improved Battery Life


iPad 2 Silently Upgraded, New A5 Chipset Brings Improved Battery Life

The iPad 2 tablet have just received a breath of freshness, as Apple decided to replace the A5 chipset, so far created using 45 nm technology, with a more efficient version, manufactured on 32 nm lithography.

As you probably know, as soon as the new iPad was launched, the iPad 2′s price received a $100 cut. Thus, Apple’s iPad 2 is now $399, but is still twice as expensive as other dual-core tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire or Nook tablet. But the iPad 2 now has an ace up the sleeve: the A5 chipset manufactured on 32 nm architecture, compared to the original iPad 2, which featured a 45 nm processor.

Even though the new iPad 2 (codenamed iPad 2,4) doesn’t come with improved performance and features it’s now “cooler” and eats less battery, which can be basically translated into more hours of mobility on a single battery charge.

The problem is Apple decided to silently push the new iPad 2 version on the market, thus it will be impossible for the users to tell which of the two tablet versions they are buying. Because there is no physical detail to separate iPad 2 from iPad 2,4, customers can only see which iPad 2 version they purchased by powering on the tablet and searching for the aforementioned model name in the About menu.

The new 32 nm A5 SoC brings two major improvements: the production costs are cut and the tablet’s battery management is more efficient. The tests performed by the guys at AnandTech showed surprising results: the battery life of the new iPad 2 units have been improved with 16%, compared to the previous version, now offering 7.9 hours of gaming instead of 6.12 hours.

After the iPad 2,4 tablet, the next Apple product which might benefit from the advantages of a more battery efficient could be the successor of iPhone 4S. Equipped with a more battery efficient chipset, the iPhone 5 could use the extra battery to power other features like LTE connectivity or a high-resolution display, like the one fitted on the third generation of iPad.

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