Windows Phone 8 Apollo Release Date Set For June At Windows Phone Developer Summit?


Windows Phone 8 Apollo Release Date Set For June At Windows Phone Developer Summit?

The month of June will be very busy for those involved in the telecom industry: there’s the Google I/O event where the new Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will be announced, Apple and WWDC 2012 with the presentation of iOS 6.0 and now we find out about Windows Phone Developer Summit, which will debut on June 20 and might include the official presentation of Windows Phone 8.

Unofficially dubbed Apollo, the new Windows Phone will be based on the same kernel as Windows 8, says the rumor mill. Thus, the developers who create applications for tablets or laptops running on Windows 8 will be able to use the same code to create applications for Microsoft’s mobile platform, Windows 8. Analysts say that Windows Phone 8 is Nokia’s last chance to stand up the fierce opposition of Apple and Samsung on the smartphone market. Nokia already lost the title of the world’s biggest mobile phone vendor, with Samsung outselling them, and in the first quarter of 2012 they only sold 2 million Windows Phone-powered smartphones.

The marketing behind Lumia line-up is very aggressive and on the US market there were invested hundreds of millions of dollars by carriers, Microsoft and Nokia. Fortunately, Nokia Lumia 900 had a great start in USA, as customers formed huge lines in front of AT&T stores in order to get their paws on the WP smartphone. Lumia 900 is available for $99.99 with a two year contract with the US carrier.

Now Nokia wants to conquer the Asian market, too, using their Lumia 610 Windows phone model in the front line, but the real test for the Finland-based company will be the dual-core Windows Phone 8 models they plan to introduce by the end of the year.

June will be a hot month for both smartphone enthusiasts and tech publications as three new mobile operating system will debut then: Apple’s iOS 6, Google’s Android 5.0 Jelly Bean and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. Which of them will be the real deal?

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