Nokia Working On Tablets And Hybrid Terminals, Says Official


Nokia Working On Tablets And Hybrid Terminals, Says Official

Jorma Otilla, one of Nokia’s heads, confirmed today, ahead of a meeting with the company’s shareholders, that the Finland-based company is working on both several tablets and “hybrid terminals.” The news come after the Nokia shareholders are losing patient’s with the company’s attempts to become profitable again.

We already know that the Finns are working hard to create a Windows 8 tablet, after many of Nokia’s reps have confirmed it more or less officials, those “hybrid terminals” intrigue me. I can already imagine a phablet like Galaxy Note or Optimus Vu manufactured by Nokia.

Windows Phone 8 will give birth to high-performance terminals, and since we already have an Windows Phone 7-powered smartphone with a 4.7-inch display, why wouldn’t Nokia create a 5.0-inch device?

Returning to the Nokia Windows 8 tablet, it could be launched towards the end of the year, and this model would better have high-end specifications, otherwise the danger called iPad 3/4 will fly way above it, an iOS tablet that at that time will be only two or three months away from the debut.

Another fierce rival would be Android 5.0 Jelly Bean (which will be announced next month) underpinning Google’s super-cheap Nexus tablet, most likely manufactured by Asus. When you have to fight against companies like Amazon which is selling millions of Kindle Fire Tablets, Google and their high-end but cheap tablet, and Apple will ride the wave with a new iPad, what Nokia can do to stop them?

The key for success would be a Windows 8 tablet, aggressively advertised, with a fantastic design that will instantly attract the public. It will also need high-end specifications (dual-core chipset, maybe quad-core, 1080p display) and good battery life. Will Nokia be able to develop and retail such a product?

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