Motorola Q1 2012 Financial Results: 5.1 Million Smartphones Shipped


Motorola Q1 2012 Financial Results: 5.1 Million Smartphones Shipped

The company that invented the mobile phone, Motorola, seem to have forgotten to invent an efficient way of selling smartphones. At least that’s what the company’s Q1 2012 financial results indicate. Motorola have recently posted the financial results for the first quarter of the year showing that the US-based company is not doing very well.

In August 2011 we were finding out that Google plans to¬†acquire¬†Motorola for $12 billion, and now, nine months later a new big problem is born. You should know that the Google – Motorola deal was not finalized by the two giant companies yet, as the Chinese government didn’t approve this deal. The Americas agreed, EU gave its blessing, but China stands in the way of the acquisition. Anyway, returning to Motorola Mobility financial results, learn that the Schaumburg, Illinois-based company shipped (do not read sold) 8.9 million terminals in the first three months of 2012.

From the total of 8.9 million devices, 5.1 million were smartphone and that can be translated as a terrible performance, even compared to Nokia, another company that is currently facing some problems. The Finnish company shipped 12 million units in the first quarter, of which 2 million were Windows Phone models.

Regarding Motorola earnings, the company’s sales totaled $2.2 billion, raising 3% compared the the same time frame of 2012. Unfortunately Moto also lost $81 million in the first quarter of 2011, and in Q2 2012 their looses continued to grow, reaching $86 million.

The international press speculated that Google wants to buy Motorola Mobility only to use its patents in their lawsuit war against companies like Apple and Microsoft. So I start to wonder whether Motorola will continue to evolve as a hardware manufacturer over the next years or Google will only keep it as their ace up the sleeves in their war against their rivals.

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