RIM Officially Unveils BlackBerry 10


RIM Officially Unveils BlackBerry 10

RIM unveiled BlackBerry 10 OS on Tuesday, taking advantage of the BlackBerry World event to detail and demo the new platform developed for mobile devices.

RIM’s BlackBerry 10 is focused on quick gestures, applied on the touch interface, allowing the users to quickly switch between applications documents and notifications. The live demo made at the BlackBerry World event, the operating system seems to work very smooth, allowing you to quickly and efficiently interact with your smartphone.

RIM didn’t miss the opportunity to remind the public about their product’s reputation when it comes to document, emails or text messages fast-typing capabilities. The phones belonging to the BlackBerry Bold series are known as being the best terminals featuring a full QWERTY keyboard, but, beginning with BlackBerry 10 the touch screens will become a standard. Thus, the officials of the Canadian company have insisted on the optimization brought to the algorithms responsible for the accuracy of the virtual keyboard, and the system they developed is able of learning the user’s typing patterns, autocorrecting the common mistakes.

The symbols are accessed using the gestures applied on the touch interface, but the main attraction is the new technology that allows you to quickly select word suggestions using swipe gestures. If everything works well, this system would allow you to rapidly make full sentences without typing the entire words.

The camera application also received important improvements. In order to capture a picture you can touch anywhere on the display, then you can easily access the Timeline Tool feature in order to choose from a list of stills taken before or soon after the shutter was triggered. Thus you can easily modify pictures where the subjects blinked or the right moment wasn’t captured on camera.

According to RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins, the BlackBerry 10 platform is on the company’s work tablet for one and a half years, and the list of goodies brought by the mobile platform doesn’t stop here. If everything goes as planned, the first products running on BlackBerry 10 will hit the stores shelves sometime this year.

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