LG Cloud Officially Launched To Compete Against Apple’s iCloud


LG Cloud Officially Launched To Compete Against Apple’s iCloud

There are so many cloud solutions today that it’s pretty hard to choose the right one for you. And if that wasn’t enough here comes LG with their own service, LG Cloud.

LG’s storage in the cloud service debuted today in the beta stage and it’s meant to allow the users syncronize and share their songs, photos and video files between the LG terminals of the ecosystem.

LG took everybody by surprise launching the LG Cloud service, just ahead of their South Korean rival, Samsung, which will launch their own storage in the cloud service, S-Cloud, on May 3rd, along with Samsung Galaxy S3.

LG Cloud offers 5 GB of free storage, while the owners of LG smart TVs and smartphones will receive 50 GB of free storage for six months. LG Cloud will allow the users to playback the media content stored in the cloud on the LG devices connected to the service. The HD content for TVs and smartphones will first be compressed in order to protect your internet data charges. The beta version of the storage in the cloud service was released today in USA and South Korea and the global launch will follow soon after.

LG also announced that their will not develop and launch any other devices running on Windows Phone. The reason is obvious: the Windows Phone terminals are not too popular at the moment. Even though Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, said he is impressed by the Windows Phone user interface and the carriers are supporting Microsoft’s mobile platform to reduce their addiction to Apple and their iPhone, there’s still one problem: Windows Phone is a young operating system, it doesn’t have the same ecosystem and, for the time being, it doesn’t support dual-core or quad-core chipsets. As you probably guessed, LG said they will focus their efforts on developing Android-powered devices.

The lesson for Microsoft is that if you tie your partners with patent “blackmailing” or “offers they can’t refuse,” sooner or later they will turn against you. And if until now they managed to attract some partners to support their platform they only solved half of the problem. Now they need to make them stick with them.

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