HP Slate 8 Tablet Running On Windows 8 Leaked


HP Slate 8 Tablet Running On Windows 8 Leaked

HP Slate 8 is the first official name for a business tablet running on Microsoft’s Windows 8. The name leaked after HP weren’t careful enough with their internal documents.

The tablet in the picture above, HP Slate 8, was spotted into an official presentation slide of the American company, along with some of its technical specifications.

It’s not the first time when HP is building an Windows tablet, as Slate 500 was also powered by Microsoft’s platform, but, unfortunately, its life was very short. HP Slate 8 will feature a 10.1-inch display and it will come with support for docking stations.

As you probably guessed the tablet is running on Windows 8 (Professional edition) and rumor has it that it will join HP’s Elite line-up, characterized by products with premium features and high prices. HP’s Windows 8 terminal also comes with improved security thanks to HP ProtectTools technology, with TPM security and CompuTrace function which helps you to locate your tablet in case you loose it.

Microsoft also included stylus support in Windows 8 and it seems that HP Slate 8 will come with one such accessory. The tablet features a display that was designed to offer an improved visual experience outside, under direct sunlight, and Slate 8 will have a battery life of around 8 – 10 hours. The Windows 8 gadget weighs in 680 grams, is only 9.2 mm thick and has an aluminium body.

The Windows 8 tablets are highly anticipated by the public and tech publications, as well, and lots of manufacturers have promised to develop such devices running on Microsoft’s operating system, with Nokia leading the pack. In my opinion the price is one of the most important aspects the Windows 8 tablet manufactures have to be careful about, as Google already plans to conquer this market with a $150 Android-powered device, while Amazon sold millions of Kindle Fire units.

So, what would you choose between HP Slate 8 and a really cheap Android-powered tablet with high-end specifications?

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