New Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Photo Reveals 4.8-inch Display


New Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Photo Reveals 4.8-inch Display

The last couple of weeks were full of rumors and leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy S3, the next flagship device of the South Korean company’s line-up, and as we speak we are dealing with the last days of SGS3 rumors, as the smartphone will be officially unveiled on May 3rd.

Today we discovered another leaked picture of the highly anticipated smartphone, and since the terminal stands by a rule, it was easy to figure out the size of its display.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked photo comes directly from the guys of knowyourmobile, and previous rumors were talking about a 4.65, 4.7 or 4.8-inch displays. Judging by the picture above, the new smartphone is 130 mm long and features a 4.8-inch display. Looking more careful you can see that the rule is aligned with the lower edge of the display, thus the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone might be a little bit longer than 130 mm, measuring 135 mm.

Returning to the size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 display, the highly anticipated smartphone has a screen that is similar in size with HTC’s flagship smartphone, HTC One X. All the dimensions are strictly based on the rule that was placed near the Samsung Galaxy S3.

As usual, I’d recommend you to consider this picture a rumor and not a 100% real picture of the Samsung’s device. Still, it has most of the details presented in this week’s leaks.You can see for yourself that it has round edges, just like the terminal in the leaked Galaxy S3 sketch and picture and that it features a physical Home button. Rumor has it that Samsung officials decided to keep the Home button in the last moment.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 official launch is only three days away, thus waiting 72 more hours will not kill anyone. The only thing we can confirm about the flagship smartphone is that it will feature Samsung’s proprietary quad-core chipset, dubbed Exynos 4 Quad.

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