Google Drive Officially Launched, Comes With 5 GB Of Free Storage


Google Drive Officially Launched, Comes With 5 GB Of Free Storage

Google Drive, the storage in the cloud service of the search engine giant, was officially launched and it comes with 5 GB of free storage and Google Docs integration.

The Google Drive users will be able to extend the storage capacity to 25 GB, paying a subscription of $2.49 per month. For $4.99 you will receive 100 GB, and for $49.99 per month you will get a veritable online hard disk with a capacity of 1 TB. By upgrading your Google Drive account to any of the payed subscription will also extend your Gmail storage to 25 GB.

Just like Google Docs, Google Drive service will allow the users to work with multiple documents, share the Google Drive content with other users. You can as well post and receive comments regarding your content and it has a notification system for the comments of the documents and files stored online.

In terms of advanced features, Google Drive will allow the users to search through his collection of files using key words, or applying filters for file type, user name and other criteria which will make your search easier. Moreover, Google Drive also comes with OCR function, that recognizes text from scanned documents.

In the official pres release Google announced that its storage in the cloud service, Drive, was designed to perfectly integrate with other Google services. For example, the users will be able to attach their Google Drive photos to their Google Plus posts, and they will soon be able to attach their Google Drive files into Gmail emails. Because its an open source platform, Google Drive can be integrated with apps and services created by third party developers, facilitating activities sending fax messages, video files editing, or designing a website.

Google Drive storage in the cloud service is available for the machines running on Windows and Mac, for devices powered by Google’s Android, and it will soon offer support for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. To begin using Google Drive, all you have to do is sign-up here.

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