iPhone 5 Will Be 0.4mm Thinner Courtesy Of In-cell Touch Panels


iPhone 5 Will Be 0.4mm Thinner Courtesy Of In-cell Touch Panels

Even though Samsung Galaxy S3 is the smartphone that made the headlines lately, it seems that the international press haven’t completely forgotten about iPhone 5.

The guys at Appleinsider are coming with fresh information about the technologies used for the next Apple smartphone. It seems that iPhone 5 will use in-cell touch panels which will help the Apple engineers shave 0.4 mm off the smartphone’s waist.

Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, is the one who provided this information, saying that the displays of the next generation iPhone will have the touch sensor incorporated directly in the glass layer and not above it. Apple’s latest iOS smartphone, the iPhone 4S, is 9.3 mm thick, but Kuo believes that Apple will try to reduce the size of their next gen iPhone, making it 8 mm thick, as they should unveil a really slim device in order to be able to withstand the heavy competition coming from the ultra-skinny Android smartphones.

The same expert also talked about the battery of the iPhone 5. The KGI Securities analyst said that iPhone 5 will use a new generation battery (slimmer) and that it will use a metal back case instead of glass helping Apple ditch 0.96 mm more.

Summing up, the result is an Apple smartphone that is only 7.90 mm thick, almost as slim as HTC One S and One X, but still far from Motorola’s super slim Droid RAZR which is 7.1 mm thick,

It looks like Apple would highly appreciate the in-cell touch panel technology fitted inside the TFT LCD displays, as it would be easier for their partners to produce them and it would help them produce the iPhone 5 faster, and more efficient. A lot of iPhone 4S displays are lost on the way because of the current process that involves gluing the sensors on the glass, so the in-cell touch panels will be a great deal for Apple and their next generation iOS smartphone.

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