Samsung S-Cloud Storage Service To Be Announced On May 3rd In London


Samsung S-Cloud Storage Service To Be Announced On May 3rd In London

The rumor mill says that Samsung’s cloud computing service, named S-Cloud, will be unveiled on May 3rd, along with the South Korean company’s new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S3.

A South Korea-based website claims that Samsung is preparing to launch a storage in the cloud service. Is still uncertain how Samsung will call their new service, as both sCloud and S-Cloud are plausible solutions. As you probably guessed, the South Koreans are planing to compete against Apple and their iCloud service.

According to Maeil Business sources, quoted by The Verge, the launch of a storage in the cloud service is part of Samsung consolidation plan, and it will be officially announced on May 3rd.

Although no official informations about South Korean company’s storage service were revealed, Maeil Businness claims that it’s a lot like Apple’s iCloud, except for the limitations regarding the content that can be stored on Samsung’s servers.

Rumor has it that the cloud computing service developed by Samsung will not limit the uploaded content. It will work like Dropbox or the yet unreleased Google Drive. It seems that S-Cloud will offer access to movies, TV Shows or music and the users will be able to access free or payed content directly from their tablet, laptop or smartphone. Sources report that S-Could will come with more than 5 GB of free storage.

Reports show that the technical assistance and maintenance will be handled by Microsoft. It was previously rumored that Microsoft is in a full-transformation process, aiming to become a company based on cloud computing. Anyway we’ll be able to return with more details on May 3rd, when Samsung’s S-Cloud storage in the cloud service will be officially unveiled at a London-based event. I should remind you that the highly-anticipated flagship smartphone of the South Korean company, Samsung Galaxy S3, will also be announced on May 3rd during the same British event.

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