Alleged Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Photos Hit The Web


Alleged Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Photos Hit The Web

Samsung Galaxy S3 was caught in a series of leaked pictures that revealed the design of the new smartphone. The leaked pictures come from Brazil and they where published by Gizmodo. It seems that the new Samsung flagship is a lot more thinner and heavier than we initially expected, but, to be honest, this model is not even near what I expected from the new Galaxy S3.

We already know that May 3rd is the big day when the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will be officially revealed and all the mystery and rumors will come to an end. Gizmodo Brazil says that their local source indicates that the smartphone features a 12 megapixel camera. You can also notice the presence of the physical Home button, Samsung’s last-moment decision, according to rumors.

You can admire the Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked pictures in the gallery below and I will try to give you my reasons why I strongly believe that this is not Samsung highly-awaited smartphone. And if you noticed the poor quality of the pictures, you should know that they were taken with an iPad.

Previous rumors were indicating that the future Samsung flagship will have a ceramic case, a reminiscent of the black HTC One S. The device you can see in the gallery below has a mate finishing, still there’s some light reflection. At least it doesn’t have a black plastic body. The Home button also confirms the rumors of the previous weeks. Even though Samsung Galaxy S3 is running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the manufacturer haven’t dropped the physical button.

The device we are looking at is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen, and I am sure that Samsung won’t let their flagship look that bad. Anyway, the South Korean phone maker have sent some Samsung Galaxy S3 disguised prototypes for carrier testing and I am pretty sure we are looking at one now. Apple used the same strategy before the launch of iPhone 4. The iOS smartphone was disguised as iPhone 3GS in order to keep a low profile during testing.

Fortunately we won’t have to way too long until the real Samsung Galaxy S3 is revealed. Galaxy S2′s successor will feature a quad-core CPU integrated on a Exynos chipset, developed by the South Korean company.

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