Nokia Can’t Produce Enough Lumia 900 Units To Meet The Demand


Nokia Can’t Produce Enough Lumia 900 Units To Meet The Demand

The new Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone was warmly welcomed by the Americans, as the officials of the Finnish company announced they can’t produce enough terminals to fulfill the market demand. No one knows yet how many Nokia Lumia 900 devices were sold yet, but AT&T already run out of certain models, thus we are talking about million of units. Even though several Lumia 900 owners have reported data connectivity issues, it seems that this matter haven’t scared Nokia fans, so we can gladly talk about a “successful” launch for the company’s Windows Phone flagship.

The new Nokia Lumia 900 was out of stock in AT&T stores for a couple of days and to be honest I’m not surprised at all considering the huge lines formed in front of the carrier’s shops when Nokia’s flagship was officially launched.

Last week’s scandal regarding Lumia 900 data connectivity issues haven’t stopped the smartphone becoming a popular one. Karen Lachtanski, Nokia spokeswoman, have talked about the impressive commercial performance of Nokia’s new Windows Phone terminal in an interview for AllThingsD. Moreover, the Nokia official added that only few of the faulty Lumia 900 owners have returned their smartphones to AT&T in order to get it replaced free of charge. “We are producing more devices to satisfy demand as quickly as possible,” said Nokia’s official, talking about the new terminal which, for the time being, is sold in the US exclusively by AT&T.

Unfortunately, the exact number of Nokia Lumia 900 units is still a mystery. Anyway, in this particular case AT&T pays a considerable subvention for Nokia’s smartphone, and each individual that chooses to buy the WP terminal before April 21st will receive 100$ credit to pay the AT&T bill. As you probably know, Lumia 900 is available for $99.99 on a two-year contract.

I am glad to see how a company like Nokia is capable of developing a smartphone that is able to attract a lot of customers, this only happened in US. In Europe the carriers seem to have lost confidence in Nokia Lumia 900′s ability to compete against iPhone or high-end Android smartphones. Maybe the US sale figures will make them change their mind.

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