Windows 8, Pro, Enterprise, and RT Editions Revealed


Windows 8, Pro, Enterprise, and RT Editions Revealed

Finally, the Windows 8 editions have just been revealed by the company itself. Those are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and probably the biggest news is the edition that runs on ARM processors called Windows RT. These editions will bring new features such as virtualization and encryption to Windows 8. As most of you might already know (if you paid attention to the latest rumors), Windows Media Center will come as a separate addition to Windows 8 Pro.  Microsoft has split the version by name, thus Windows 8 is developed for x86 computers, and Windows RT indicate ARM processors and a whole new experience for the users.

Probably most of you will choose the standard Windows 8, and I think is a good one. This edition will include an updated version of Windows Explorer, Task Manager. Also, it will have an improved support for multiple monitors and the option that allows you to switch between language whenever you want, feature that was available only on the Ultimate or Enterprise editions of Windows until now.

Windows 8 Pro is developed for those who want a wider set of Windows 8 features, mainly technical pros and, of course, enthusiasts. Windows 8 Pro comes with all the features included in Windows 8, but with other additional ones such as functions for encryption, computer management, virtualization and domain connectivity. Of course, Windows 8 Pro will include Windows Media Center. As I said, if you work in a business environment, or you are a person who want’s to enjoy all of Microsoft’s best features, this edition is the way to go.

Microsoft has made a very important change in the way it sells the operating systems. A major example is the Windows RT which will come only pre-installed on devices that integrate ARM processors, instead of being sold separately in the traditional Microsoft way. This means that the company has a great focus on machines powered by ARM processors such as tablets. Like in the previous reports, Microsoft will release Windows RT with the Office suite included, but that’s it. It’s the only desktop application that can be installed on the machines having ARM processors. The rest of the applications will be only the Metro apps that were or going to be built using the brand new WinRT development environment. There is more to it, the classic Window Media Player won’t be found on Windows RT either, as well as many other features usually included in editions like Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

I must admit, it’s a ballsy move for Microsoft. They think that the new strategy is better, but if you ask me, all this segmentation is not quite the news I’ve expected to hear. The fact that the ARM devices will only run Windows RT, makes me think that the desktop editions will have a rather limited functionality and the final feature list will be restricted. Most of you were eager to get news about the Windows 8 release and specifications in the past few months, but I’m not sure that this is what you guys wanted to hear. The biggest question that comes to my mind right now is how Windows RT will actually look like. I guess it depends on what Microsoft is planing. Would it develop it in order to look similar to Windows 8, or on the contrary, it will look like a totally different operating system. We’ll just have to wait and see, but there are a lot more questions that need to be answered.

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