Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Photo Reveals Physical Home Button And Five Row UI


Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Photo Reveals Physical Home Button And Five Row UI

A lot of alleged Samsung Galaxy S3 pictures have hit the tech blogs lately, but the one above is by far the most plausible one. It’s a flesh and bone picture, not some rendering created by a talented designer. But what makes the picture a true candidate for best leaked Samsung Galaxy S3 picture is that the smartphone respects the latest rumors about Samsung’s flagship.

A few days ago it was rumored that Galaxy S3 will keep the physical Home Button (present in the leaked picture) just like it’s predecessors Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S. The physical Home button is very useful on an Android smartphone, allowing you to easily open the task manager by long pressing it. On the other hand the best solution for a great design is the one adopted for Galaxy Nexus which has a button-less front. Google Nexus S gas an interesting design, as well, with four Android-specific capacitive buttons on the low front end. But none of the two smartphones are as ergonomic as a Galaxy S2.

It was also rumored that the bigger display of the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S3 will accommodate 5 rows of icons in Galaxy Note-ish way, instead of 4 rows like the the majority of Android-powered smartphones. You can easily spot the 5 row UI in the picture above, along with the conformation of other Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors like huge display (likely 4.6-inch HD Super AMOLED) and a very thin bezel around it.

If this is the real Samsung Galaxy S3, then I’m impressed by the size of it. Samsung Managed to keep a decent size, even though the smartphone packs a 4.65-inch display. Anyway don’t get too enthusiastic about the design of the Galaxy S3 yet, as the terminal in the picture might just be one of the disguised prototypes sent for carrier testing. If you’re a Galaxy fan your only reason to joy is the quad-core Exynos CPU that was confirmed by Samsung a while ago.

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