Intel Unveils Letexo Windows 8-Powered Hybrid Ultrabook


Intel Unveils Letexo Windows 8-Powered Hybrid Ultrabook

Intel seem to have found the perfect way to combine the features of a tablet with the flexibility of a laptop, creating a hybrid ultrabook, with a sliding full QWERTY keyboard, that transforms the whole machine into a  slightly thicker tablet. They named it Intel Letexo and is running on Windows 8.

Intel’s design is not entirely new, as Asus already launched their Eee Pad Slider tablet which has a similar design. Unfortunately for Asus, the public didn’t embrace their idea, as most of the Asus customers chose to buy the Eee Pad Transformer model – a tablet that comes with a removable keyboard, which can be purchased separately.

Anyway Intel’s design seems a bit more evolved, as we aren’t dealing with a tablet in disguise, but with a veritable laptop, whose keyboard was included only to make typing easier. Unlike the Asus Eee Pad Slider tablet, which offered a small size keyboard, Intel managed to keep the ultrabook format unaltered. The only thing they changed was the display hinge mechanism.

The Letexo concept is undoubtedly an interesting design exercise, developed at the highest quality level and packing the latest technologies of the moment. Helped by Microsoft’s Windows 8, that is like a fish in the water on Intel’s machine, the new hybrid ultrabook has high chances of becoming a popular product by offering a natural way of switching between a tablet and a laptop equipped with both a touchpad and a touch screen.

Although the technical specifications weren’t unveiled yet, I can bet all my money and say that Letexo is underpinned by the new Intel Ivy Bridge platform, more powerful and more efficient in terms of energy consumption than its predecessor, Sandy Bridge, a platform that was hid underneath the case of the first Ultrabooks. The first press pictures reveal that Intel Letexo concept has at least two USB connectors and a HDMI port.

We have to mention that the concept presented by Intel is just a prototype, thus the final product might come with both functionality and design changes, based on the tastes of the hardware manufacturers that will adopt the hybrid ultrabook.

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