Google Chrome 19 Beta Now Available For Download


Google Chrome 19 Beta Now Available For Download

Google has begun to expand itself to other territories and it looks like it is doing a very good job. The company has just released its newest browser version, the Google Chrome 19 Beta. The aforementioned expansion consists in the fact the Chrome 19 Beta is not only available for Windows, Linux and Mac, but also for the Android phones that pack the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

But this is not even the past part as Google Chrome 19 Beta comes with quite a revolutionary feature which allows gives you access to the Chrome tabs even if you use other PCs or devices, including the Android 4.0 ICS smartphones. Just imagine yourself at work and you’re searching for a nice bar to spend the evening at. You find and memorize the directions, but when you leave the office you realize that you have totally forgotten the address of the bar. Normally there is nothing else you can do than go home and drink a sad beer all by yourself. ¬†Or you can use the computer at home to search for the directions again, but that would take to long and you realize that it’s time for bed. Now, it won’t be an issue anymore because you can enter Chrome 19 Beta using your phone and access all the tabs you opened at work.

The feature is called “Other Devices” and can be found at the bottom of the New Page, near the older Recently Closed menu. Apart from the ability to sync open tabs, Google Chrome 19 Beta also offers the possibility to sync that exact tab’s history, thus you will be able to go back and forward the moment you open the tab on a new device. Of course, you have to be signed in Chrome in order to use the feature.

At the same time, Google also launched its Chrome 20 Dev which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. This version already had the Other Device function, but now it added an option that allows users to send a desktop page from the computer to your Chrome for Android (in case you have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich). So, in case you find something interesting on a web page and you want to read about on the run you just have to send the URL to Chrome for Android.

If you want to get your hands on the new Google Chrome 19 Beta and enjoy its features you can download it from HERE.

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