Windows Phone 8 Apollo Spotted In Social Networking App


Windows Phone 8 Apollo Spotted In Social Networking App

Although Windows 7.5 Mango is still making the headlines and many tech blogs are talking about Tango, some information about Windows Phone 8 Apollo surfaced on the web. A release of Microsoft’s next-gen mobile operating system was spotted in I’m WOP7 application. It seems that the above mentioned application was installed by a developer who tests WP8, a not-so-clever move if you want to keep a low profile while playing with your top secret smartphone prototype.

Thus we found out that there’s a lucky guy out there playing with Windows Phone 8 Apollo, build 8.0.9662.0, as we speak. The owner of a device running on the aforementioned OS downloaded and installed the I’m a WP7 app and now his machine appears in the statistics section, thus the gaffe can be seen by anyone. Of course, it might as well be a fake, but the developer of I’m a WP7 said that it’s pretty difficult to forge the ID and OS of a terminal, but not impossible.

Scott also said that the app was ran from an emulator, that the OS doesn’t seem to be face and that the terminal was running on US time zone.

The guys at WPCentral stretched their antennas and their trusted sources from Microsoft confirmed that the testing sessions for Windows Phone 8 Apollo begun on March 30th. Rumor has it that Windows Phone 8 will be officially announced this summer and launched sometime in the second half of this year, becoming the first major update for Microsoft’s mobile platform since it debuted in 2010. Windows Phone 8 brings support for dual-core chipsets, higher resolution displays, NFC and other advanced features.

Summing up, Windows Phone 8 is out there and Microsoft is working hard to deliver it as soon as possible, so WP fans, you can now pop the champagne bottles. Microsoft’s mobile operating system has a lot of potential and since the Redmond-based company teamed-up with Nokia the platform’s market share might have a spectacular growth.

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