Microsoft To Halt Windows XP Support In 2014, Windows Vista Support Ending In April 2017


Microsoft To Halt Windows XP Support In 2014, Windows Vista Support Ending In April 2017

Microsoft will halt the support services for Windows XP and Office 2003 in 2014. The announcement comes to confirm the death of one of the best and most popular operating system developed on Windows platform. Microsoft also announced that Windows Vista and Office 2007 will receive support until April 2017.

In an official press release, the Redmond-based company asks its customers to migrate to the new versions of Windows. The Windows XP users will still be able to use the operating system, but they won’t benefit from security or compatibility updates, writes

Windows XP was officially launched 10 years ago, it’s still the most popular operating system for personal computers, with a market share of 46.52% in December 2011, according to NetApplications estimations, quoted by Cnet. Still Windows XP market share dropped 10% compared with early 2011. Meanwhile, Windows 7 continues to grow, as in Q4 2011 had a market share of 36.99%, an increase of 12% compared to the same time frame of the last year.

Microsoft’s decision comes to support the development plans for the company’s new operating system, Windows 8, which will officially hit the market in October. As you probably know, Windows 8 will be available for both Intel x86 and ARM platforms. Forty new PCs and 5 tablets running Windows 8 out of the box will be launched synchronized with the debut of Microsoft’s new operating system.

The new Windows 8 will boot in just 8 seconds and the OS installation will be performed in only 52 minutes, while an Windows 7 upgrade takes about 510 minutes. The user will be able to install the next-gen Microsoft operating system with just 11 clicks, according to an article posted on Building Windows 8 official blog. The new operating system will have an online application store where the users can buy apps in a similar way to Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Marketplace.

Until Windows 8 is officially launched, Microsoft have published Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The version has about 3GB and allows the users to get a feel of the new Windows philosophy. If you haven’t got your hands on the new Microsoft release, you would be able to download it here.

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