Samsung Galaxy S3 Disguised Prototypes Sent To Carrier Testing


Samsung Galaxy S3 Disguised Prototypes Sent To Carrier Testing

After we found out yesterday that Samsung Galaxy S3 might arrive in Q3 2012 and that it will keep the physical Home button, today we discovered that the next Samsung flagship is already tested by carriers. According to Redmondpie, the South Korea-based company have offered disguised prototypes, in order to hide Samsung Galaxy S3′s real design.

Samsung is using their rival’s tactics: Apple is usually sending disguised prototypes to carriers, so that the shape and the look of their unreleased products are not compromise. In case you are a little bit confused, let me explain it for you: imagine mediocre rectangular terminal, a smartphone with a design you would usually ignore, but sporting the hardware components of Samsung Galaxy S3, running on the same firmware as the final product. Well, the carrier employees are testing these prototypes ahead of the official launch, and pics and hands-on videos usually leak before the debut of the device, of course if the employees testing the device afford to take such risks.

Samsung, Apple or any other phone maker would do anything to avoid information leaks. Moreover, if the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t unveiled before the official launch, would give the company extra time to make last minute design adjustments, especially that Samsung hesitated when it came to keeping the physic Home button on their new flagship.

Previous rumors said that Samsung Galaxy S3 will feature a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED, and Samsung’s proprietary quad-core chipset, dubbed Exynos. Some other speculations indicated that the next generation Galaxy will come with a 1080p display, but I personally find it quite unlikely.

Anyway, as Samsung CEO said, we will see the Galaxy S3 in flash “sooner than we expected,” and rumor has it that the Korean Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-powered terminal will be announced on May 22nd during a London-based event.

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