Windows 8 Release Candidate To Be Launched In May?


Windows 8 Release Candidate To Be Launched In May?

We’re all anxious to get our hands on Windows 8 final version. Still, till then there’s just a small step known as Windows 8 Release Candidate. According to the latest rumors, the Release Candidate version of Windows 8 is very likely to be launched somewhere between the end of May and the beginning of June. That sure is a lot sooner than most of us were expecting. Not that we wouldn’t be thrilled to get the RC version and see what it comes up with. has shared the news after getting details from an unnamed source. According to the blogging site, the Release Candidate will come up with a few changes from the current beta as feedback about the beta version is incorporated into the Release Candidate. The Charms bar, the language input menu as well as the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 have been modified. Besides that, the current Customer Experience Improvement Program will also be disabled by default.

The Release Candidate is the stage between the beta version of the operating system and its final version. There shouldn’t be drastic changes between the RC and the final version rumored to be released in October.

If we take into account Windows 7 and the release of its versions, the rumors regarding the Windows 8 Release Candidate might actually turn out to be true. The beta version of Windows 7 was released in January 2009 followed by the Release Candidate at the beginning of May and then by the final version released in October the same year.

Now if Windows 8 has a similar timing (and we’re inclined to believe that as the Consumer Preview was launched in February and recent rumors point to October as the month of the Windows 8 launch), then we will have to wait just a bit before testing Windows 8 Release Candidate. An industry event will be hosted by Microsoft in April, so we’ll most probably get  the exact Release Candidate release date then.

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