iPhone 5 Release Date Is October 2012, Features 4-inch Display


iPhone 5 Release Date Is October 2012, Features 4-inch Display

It seems that it’s going to be a great year for Apple. After it launched its most awaited iPad 3 a few weeks ago, now it’s preparing to release its new device which most likely will be the iPhone 5.

The release date of the iPhone 5 is coming and it has all the chances to be Apple’s next flagship device. It doesn’t matter that the Apple devices are more expensive than the rest, the people still love them and they are willing to purchase them no matter the price.

There isn’t much time until the WWDC (the World Wide Developers Conference) when Apple is supposed to officially announce the release date of the iPhone 5. However, like in any other situations, people don’t have the patience to wait for the official announcement. That’s why all kinds of rumors start appearing almost every day (just like in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S 3). If we take the first rumor the release date was pegged for June. However, the latest reports show that the iPhone 5 launch will be delayed until the fall, in October to be more exact.

Analyst Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets released a prediction that says that the new iPhone 5 will have a bigger display than the previous iPhone versions, most probably a 4-inch screen. Also, Apple will release it with a new design and manufactured from unibody construction. It’s almost exactly what people was expecting when the iPhone 4S was released.

White said that if users have been expecting a notable upgrade, it will surely come with the iPhone 5. The first and the most important one that fans have been waiting for since forever is the size of the display. The iPhone 5 will meet their expectations as it will come with a 4-inch screen. The second notable upgrade is the support for 4G. This one seemed obvious because many Android smartphones use the 4G network for some time now, and Apple has to get back in line and the 4G LTE compatibility is an absolute must.

The third improvement is regarding the phone’s “engine” and it seems like Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone with the same specs as the iPad 3 meaning the A5X processor and 1GB of RAM. This won’t be something new because Apple has a habit in keeping a close bond between the iPhone and the iPad. Among other important specs we can list the fact that the new iPhone 5 will feature a possible 3D camera and it’s expected to have a new version of the operating system, the iOS 6.

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