Google’s Project Glass: Features and Design


Google’s Project Glass: Features and Design

Google finally revealed some images and a video showing details of its exciting idea called Project Glass. Those who want to see the video and photos can visit the Google+ social network.

The photo display how the actual glasses would look like. At first glance they don’t look like much having a very minimalist shape, but when you take a closer look you realize that there is more to it. The so called Google Goggles incorporate a microphone and a video screen which is partially transparent. The screen is located in front of the right eye of the user and it’s supposed to place info over the view.

The introduction to Google Project Glass is followed by a brief requirement. The staff of Google want’s the users to give feedback on the plan. Being a project that have just begun, there is no way that Google can even estimate how much its device’s price or how long it would take before going on sale.

The company’s experimental lab called Google X released a statement which explains the reasons why the have begun Google Project Glass and also why they have released the information so yearly. It seems that they need feedback from the potential customers in order to developed a product that can meet their needs and expectations.

If you hit Play on the posted video you will see 14 distinct icons that will be displayed for the user when he puts the glasses on the first time. Each one of the icons features various information about their location, diary appointments and the weather. We don’t know exactly how the icons get triggered, but it seems that the services can be enabled wither by the situation the user is in or by an eventual action taken by him. It’s quite interesting and if Google manages to accomplish their project I’m absolutely convinced that the firm’s sales will skyrocket.

The Project Glass video also gives some examples of situations when the goggles might be useful. For instance, there is one user who is reminded about a the date he has the moment when he stares at a blank wall. When he looks out the window the glasses tell him that there is a slice chance it will rain (he actually receives a 10% chance of rain). The Google glasses can also be useful in case you receive a text message as it they have the ability to warn you when you get one. In the video, the user gets an alert when he receives a text from a friend with whom he has to meet later that day. The user can vocally dictate a reply, moment when a symbol which features a microphone is superimposed over most of the user’s view.

Other features of the Google Project Glass, which in my opinion are very important, include the support for Google Maps which can show the route to where the user is heading featuring small arrows meant to keep him on the right track, the option which allows the wearer to take a photo of whatever he it looking at with the possibility of sharing it with other people and a service that allows video conference.

The video also shows that the glasses can be used for listening to music or other audio files, though this is kinda of weird because the glasses don’t seem to have headsets.

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