Apple Might Replace The New iPad Units Having WiFi Issues


Apple Might Replace The New iPad Units Having WiFi Issues

Apple is presently inspecting a set of issues that have a bad influence over the newest generation of iPads, according to an internal AppleCare document. The problem is the WiFi service which was the reason of many complains. The users have been complaining about the problems that the iPad 3 has with the WiFi since the device was launched. The WiFi issues of the iPad 3 range from slow upload and download speeds, connection drops to even worse problems such as the incapability to pickup a local WiFi network at all. The online support forums of Apple includes many replies to a thread discussion. The users say that they have the same problems and they are not very happy with Apple’s newest product.

The users are saying that the iPad 3 is not able to pickup a strong WiFi connection in comparison with other devices (like laptops or even the original iPad) which register a much stronger signal. But this is not the only issue of the third-generation iPad. Over the past few weeks, the media noted other problems of the devices such as its overheating and charging issues. Adding the latest one, it seems like Apple did not do such a good job developing the iPad 3 after all.

The company doesn’t deny the fact that the tablet has indeed issues with the WiFi connection as a consequence of the countless reports and forum threads. Apple says that all the symptoms of which the users have complained about are real, but that could appear additional ones. The employees of AppleCare have been asked to test the devices in order to find out where the problems come from because Apple is afraid that the issues could not be caused by normal software bugs, but instead because of the hardware components.

Apple says that the only devices affected by these problems are the WiFi-only iPad 3. The company says that the black rubber cut on the top of the unit allows extra network power to the iPad 4G LTE and that it’s presumed to protected from the WiFi issues.

It looks like all the iPads that feature the WiFi issues are already or going to be “Captured” which means that all the devices are immediately lacked up and sent to the company’s centers inspection and examination. The workers from Apple have to gather all the included accessories as well (the USB card and the charging adapter), not only the tablet itself. If the units are truly affected, the Apple will replace them all.

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