Facebook Update For iPad Adds Support For Retina Display


Facebook Update For iPad Adds Support For Retina Display

From now on, the new Retina iPad users will be able to use the Facebook application on their devices as the social network released an update that enables the iPad application to be used on the Retina display. The users of the new iPad will enjoy an enhanced, high resolution interface, according to the iTunes release notes.

The fact that the iPad application of Facebook will be ready for Retina displays was tipped off in the previous week, accessed the “new and Noteworthy” section of the iTunes App Store and saw a teaser for the forthcoming application. Also, there was a displayed message specifying that it’s “Enhanced for the New iPad”, most probably meaning that the application will have support for Retina graphics before long. The presumption was right after all.

Apart from the support for Retina, the update (version 4.1.1) also comes with several bug fixes such as:

  • now you have the possibility to go offline while chatting

  • all the users will have the right profile picture displayed

  • the friends list has been improved now including everyone without any exception

  • the user name will be displayed the right way in sets of photos

  • the photos of the users who Like various pages on Facebook will be loaded properly

  • when you have a friend request the notification will light up, and just in this case.

The update also features the possibility to change the language choosing for the following: Portuguese, Czech, Malaysian, Danish, Norwegian, Greek, Thai and Indonesian.

Being one of the most heavily use application on the iPad, the owners might be very happy to hear the news about their favorite app having support for Retina display, though probably the most requested features is the support for Facebook Timeline. The Timeline is extremely popular among some users because it provides a brand new way to both consume and display Facebook content. Actually, bringing Timeline to iPad is extremely highly doable due to the iPad’s screen size. The conclusion is that the developers could migrate the Facebook Timeline interface without a big effort.

The users who want to begin using the new updated and improved Facebook application can find it on iTunes.

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