Qualcomm Planing Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Chipsets For Smartbooks


Qualcomm Planing Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Chipsets For Smartbooks

Qualcomm, the US-based chipset manufacturer, promises that the smartbooks based on quad-core ARM processors will be thinner than Intel’s ultrabooks. Moreover, they will come with 4G LTE support and will be underpinned by Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

The American company announced a new computers category in 2009, saying it will revolutionize the PC world. Not only that nothing happened since then, but Apple made the headlines with their Macbook Air and Intel helped their partners develop what we call today the ultrabook.

Now Rob Chandok, Vice President of Qualcomm, says that the company he runs is preparing a special quad-core version of theor Snapdragon S4 “Krait” processors, based on Cortex A15 architecture.

“We think much lighter than what Intel calls an ultrabook,” he said for PC World. The semiconductors will be made using 28 nanometer technology and it will be ARM’s first incursion on the PC market. Chandok added that the border between high-end smartphones and laptops is starting to fade. Qualcomm is betting on 4G LTE networks support and chipset’s 3D graphic performance in the fight against the competition.

Last year both Qualcomm and Nvidia have presented Windows 8-powered laptops based on ARM architecture. As the new operating system will be launched by Microsoft sometime this fall, Qualcomm wants to be up and ready to threaten Intel’s supremacy on the PC market, after the microchip giant have announced it will soon enter the battle on both smartphone and tablet markets. Qualcomm already sent laptop prototypes based on their chipset solutions to the developers.

Otherwise, Qualcomm is the first company that brought the ARM Cortex A15 processors, already available on market inside gadgets like HTC One XL, the One X variation for the North American market. One of Qualcomm’s rivals, Texas Instruments estimates that their OMPA 5 chipset will enter production sometime in late 2012 or Q1 2013.

Even though the chipsets based on ARM architecture are optimized for a better battery life of the device, their performance is still below what x86 delivers.

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