Apple Working On 3D Imaging Camera For iPad and iPhone


Apple Working On 3D Imaging Camera For iPad and iPhone

Apple, world’s most valuable company, have reinvented the music industry, the telecom industry, invented a new one, the tablet market and now it is getting ready to attack a new segment.

The next market Apple wants to transform is the camera market. Reports show that the engineers of the Cupertino-based company are working on a 3D camera that will be placed inside Apple’s smartphones and tablets, but also inside other devices, according to guys at who discovered a patent belonging Apple.

Apple’s 3D camera uses microlenses, a software that detects the “depth” of the objects and light sensors to generate 3D models of the objects, to recognize the user’s gestures and to read and respond to facial expressions. The 3D cameras will be used along with applications developed by Apple or maybe to unlock an iDevice using the front-facing camera, similar to the way the Android 4.0 ICS devices use face unlock.

Apple’s freshly patented technology is using several cameras to “read” the objects in front of them, and if face recognition is the next step for the Cupertino-based company, then the iOS should be able to recognize: grimaces, smiles, frowns, blinks and many other facial expressions.  Hopefully it will do better than Siri recognizing voice commands.

The software designed by Apple should carefully pay attention to face muscles, nose, mouth, eyes, forehead, etc. and geometrically see what modifications occurred when the user changed his facial expression.

Apple’s ideas are very interesting and they could be used in many ways, but, of course, for the time being they only exist on paper and there’s no way we would see them implemented on an iDevice in the near future.

Earlier this year Apple presented the third generation of the iPad tablet, sporting a Retina display, with an awesome resolution of 2,048 x 1,530 pixels with a pixel density of 264 ppi and a dual-core Apple A5X CPU.

Apple announced that in June 2012 they will start paying dividends of $2.65 per action, being the first time since 1995 when Apple pays dividends. Recently, Apple’s shares have overpassed the historical threshold of  $600 per share, and Apple’s value have overpassed $550 billion.

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