Apple’s Siri Is The Target Of Another Lawsuit Over Deceptive Advertising


Apple’s Siri Is The Target Of Another Lawsuit Over Deceptive Advertising

Apple was once more sued over deceptive advertising for Siri, the personal assistant developed for iPhone 4S, a software that should fulfill certain tasks using voice commands.

A few weeks ago Apple was sued by a man in New York who claimed that Siri is not working like it is showed in Apple’s advertising videos. An iPhone 4S owner in Los Angeles has the same opinion about Apple’s personal assistant, and filled another law suit against the Cupertino-based company, the second one in less than a month.

The man said that the tasks performed by Siri in Apple’s advertising videos can’t be performed by the software assistant in real life. Tests and reviews made by established tech news websites have indeed showed that Siri has real problems understating certain words and performing commands.

This week, David Jones have filled a lawsuit against Apple in Los Angeles. The main charge is similar to the one prosecuted in another lawsuit prosecuted by another American this month: the software doesn’t work like presented in commercials. Jones accuses the company that in the ads that run on national television, Apple have showed that Siri can be used to make appointments, find restaurants and even learn how to play guitar. In the aforementioned marketing campaign Apple depicts that all these can be performed using voice commands. He added that Siri couldn’t understand what he asked it to do, and reacted as if another question was asked.

The American who filled the lawsuit against Apple believes that the Cupertino-based company should pay damage to all the customers who purchased iPhone 4S based on the company’s false advertising campaign. The American company mentioned that for the time being Siri is in beta stage and that it might run inappropriately sometimes, but many of the iPhone 4S owners are still annoyed by the misleading marketing campaign.

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