Google Launching Its Own Online Store For The Future Nexus Tablet


Google Launching Its Own Online Store For The Future Nexus Tablet

Wall Street Journal reports that Google is planning to launch their own online store where they will be selling their first tablet, rumored to debut this year. Sources say that Google will launch the Nexus Tablet in 2012 and that the search engine giant will sell it in their own online store, similar to the one launched by Apple.

The Menlo Park-based company is seriously considering selling tablets in order to be able to fight the supremacy of Kindle Fire, thus Google could launch a chip Android-powered tablet with decent specifications.

Sources inside the company report that Google will start selling their Android-powered on their own. It seems that the search engine giant will soon open an online store where the Google-branded slates manufactured by Asus and Samsung will be retailed.

The famous company will try to outsell both the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire on the tablets market. Google hopes that their new online store will be more popular than the one launched two years ago. Back then the sales were based on the Nexus One smartphone, but it was a failure as the online store was shut down only four months after the launch.

No one can guarantee that Google’s new service will have a major impact. Two years ago Google tried to sell the Nexus One terminal as an exclusive product, but a bad marketing strategy transformed the handset in a complete fail. Since then all the company did was to guide the customers to the stores that sell Android products.

The companies that will team-up with Google for the manufacturing process of the new tablet are Samsung and Asus. Recent reports show that Asus will be the first to develop a Google slate, featuring a 7-inch display at a price below the $200 range.

With Apple’s iPad being the most popular tablet on the planet, Google will have to work hard in order to become a major player on the tablet market, even though the tablet they will release will be cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

The exact launch date of Google’s online is yet unknown, but it might be synchronized with the debut of the next Android version, Jelly Bean, in mid 2012.

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