Google Chrome 18 Now Available For Download


Google Chrome 18 Now Available For Download

Google’s web browser, Chrome have been officially updated to version 18. Google released Chrome 18 beta earlier this year, but now the final version is completed and ready to arrive on the computers out there. The new Google Chrome 18 keeps the page loading speed to a top level and brings a series of improvements and fixed bugs.

The most significant speed enhancements come in the graphic rendering segment: the WebGL and Canvas2D modules have been improved and now the web pages containing elements based on the two aforementioned APIs load a lot faster – first for 3D rendering, and the latter one for 2D rendering.

According to Google’s blog, the new Chrome 18 comes with improved performance for older machines thanks to the optimization of the aforementioned modules, combined with a software rasterizer called SwiftShader.

The bugs of the previous version have been fixed in Google Chrome 18 and major changes are expected to drop once the next versions hit the web – Chrome 19 and Chrome 20, the latter one scheduled to debut in June. Chrome 20 promises advanced support for in-browser gaming, with a quality level comparable to the one offered by consoles.

Google have worked hard on their web browser solution, and it even became number one for a weekend, overtaking Internet Explorer. The first stable version of Chrome was released in December 2008 and in just three years 17 more versions have been developed, and now Google’s web browser can be considered a mature environment.

I am a fan of Google Chrome myself and I am using it for its superior web browsing speed, because it can be customized to suit your needs. In chrome you can also install applications from a dedicated store, it synchronizes with your Gmail account and successfully remembers all your passwords. Moreover, after you install Chrome on another machine you can have it synchronize all the settings bound to your account and the interface you customized and the most used services are ready to use.

All you have to do to install Google Chrome 18 is to follow this link and hit the download button. Have fun!

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