Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Now Available For Download


Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Now Available For Download

After Adobe announced last year that will stop the development of Flash for mobile devices, yesterday Flash Player have received a silent update to version 11.2, which doesn’t require user’s approval and it will run somewhere behind the curtain. The application used for the update will send a request to Adobe servers each hour until it receives an answer. If the servers are identified but an newer version isn’t found, then a recheck would be made after 24 hours.

The users that are skeptical about a software product that upgrades without permission can set up Flash Player to notify each time an update is available and request permission for installation. The advantage of an application that runs silently in Flash Player 11.2 is that you won’t need to install the update on each browser, as the silent app will do it for you.

Flash Player 11.2 includes compatibility with the devices on the Android 4 platform. As always, Google’s web browser makes an exception. Since the first version, Chrome was build to run the Flash Player updates automatically, even before Adobe launched Flash Player 11.2 which basically has the same behavior as the updates in Chrome. An Adobe official admitted that Flash Player 11.2 is a lot like Chrome, highlighting that Adobe’s silent application will be at least as successful as Google’s

Focusing on gaming and “premium video,” the coming Flash versions will try to help the developers that create applications on this platform, in order to help Flash Player keep its title as the most popular solution for web browser gaming. Adobe promised to create applications and new gaming services implemented in apps which will help the flash games developers.

Regarding the videos, Adobe will increase their efforts to collaborate with the hardware developers in order to improve both the content streaming and protected content distribution and encryption on more platforms and in more native formats. Just as they promised Adobe launched Flash Player 11.2 in the first quarter of 2012, which will be followed by Flash Player Cyril in Q2 2012, then Flash Player Dolores in the second half of the year.

Both Cyril and Dolores will be updates created to improve the platform’s gaming capabilities. Meanwhile, Adobe is working on a new Flash version, called Next, which will be released in 2013. Adobe are dropping Linux support as fast as they can, but the users can still use Chrome to in order to able to use the Player and receive regular updates, as a result of the Google – Adobe partnership.

Windows 8 is on Adobe’s priorities list, but, because Microsoft’s new operating system configurations will be different is hard to guess how compatible Adobe’s solution will be at that moment.

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