iPhone 5 Production To Begin Soon, It Will Come With LTE Support


iPhone 5 Production To Begin Soon, It Will Come With LTE Support

Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer of the Apple gadget, will soon hire about 20,000 workers for a new production line, after Apple posted an order for iPhone 5 parts.

Foxconn plant in Taiyuan is building 20 recruitment centers for the workers that will manufacture the new iPhone, unofficially dubbed as iPhone 5, writes SlashGear.

Within the same production unit, many of the workers went on strike, thus Foxconn might just fire the employees who caused them trouble in order to be able to ship the new iPhone 5 on time.

Rumor has it that 85% of the iPhone units will be manufactured at Foxconn, a total of 57 million iPhones per year, an impressive number even for an industrial giant like the Chinese company. Let’s ignore the new iPhone for a second and have a look at the wages of the Foxconn employees: $245 per month for an entry level worker, raising to $285 per month after three months. If you add bonuses and overtime pay an employee could earn a maximum of about $550 per month.

Returning to iPhone 5, the rumor mill says that it will come with a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and with a 4.6-inch display with a resolution similar to the one of the new iPad and 4G LTE support. I find the rumors a bit exaggerated and I believe it will feature the same A5X SoC as the new iPad.

Apple made a tradition out of placing the iPad hardware inside a their next-gen smartphones and if the pattern is respected, the iPhone 5 would feature a dual-core A5X chipset and 512 MB of RAM.

We’ve had the confirmation that the next-gen iPhone will come with LTE chip after the iOS 5.1 code revealed it, but no later than yesterday Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer hinted that Apple’s next iOS-powered smartphone might come with 4G support.

At an investment conference Euteneuer said that Sprint has an agreement to offer a future Apple smartphone that has LTE capabilities. The Sprint CFO haven’t confirmed that the Cupertino-based company has such a device on their working tablet, but wanted to highlight that Sprint is not afraid of the AT&T and Verizon competition.

Even though no one confirmed yet that iPhone 5 will come with 4G support, I strongly believe that the Cupertino-based company will place a LTE chip inside their new iPhone in order to improve the browsing and download speed of their device.

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