Apple Improves App Store Security, Rejects The Apps That Access UDIDs


Apple Improves App Store Security, Rejects The Apps That Access UDIDs

Over the past few weeks, a real controversy have been created around the way the applications in App Store are accessing the information of the iDevices, and now Apple is starting to filter some of them and improve their customers’ security.

For the time being only two of the ten Apple teams that check the applications published in App Store have started to reject those who access the UDID or unique identification numbers, but starting next week another two Apple teams will join them.

Initially, the tracking of the UDID was made out of pure mobile advertising reasons, meant to track the users in an efficient way, by monitoring their actions in order to provide services based on their needs.But the same UDID code can reveal details about the user’s behavior and personal life, trespassing the privacy laws.

Apple’s problems begun when it was discovered that Path, an application from App Store, is accessing and downloading the user’s contacts without warning him, a behavior subsequently discovered at other A few months ago Apple warned the developers, saying that the company will start rejecting the applications that access the users’ information and now it seems that the Cupertino-based company keeps its word.

These can only be good news for the users, because the developers can no longer collect information about each iPhone, iPad or iPod, but for the advertising firms this will be a real head ache as then won’t know what banners to display based on the internet browsing history and application usage.

Apple’s decision to reject the applications that access UDIDs comes after the intense criticism of the USA press and after extra scrutiny from the US Congress. The change comes after the pressuring of the Americans but it will influence the Apple customers all over the planet.

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