Instagram For Android Will Be Released Soon


Instagram For Android Will Be Released Soon

Instagram is one of the few applications which weren’t ported from iOS to Android, from App Store to Google Play. A few days ago the Instragram CEO confirmed during a tech event in US that the application developed by his company will be ported to Android.

An Apple official said that there are over 27 million iPhone, iPad and iPod owners using Instagram world wide. Now just imagine how much this number will grow after Instagram is made available for download in Google Play, especially that Kevin Sytrom, Instagram CEO, said that the Android version of the application is even better than the one developed for Android.

In 2011 Instagram won the Application of the Year award for Apple’s iOS platform. Instagram is easy to use and comes with integration for social media and online sharing.

I’ve got my hands on Instagram a while ago, and to be honest I wasn’t impressed at all, but many Android owners want it, thus Instagram devs must deliver in order to help the company grow. Moreover Kevin Systrom can’t just ignore a market that is even bigger than the iOS environment. More than 850,000 Android-powered devices are activated every day.

Anyway an application like Instagram would take the most out of those cameras placed inside the new Android-powered devices announced at CES 2012 or MWC 2012. Anyway now it’s official that Instagram have entered the Android universe and it will soon be available in Google Play.

The release date of Instagram for Android was not unveiled, but Systrom mentioned it will be “soon,” when he presented Instagram on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. For the time being, Instagram for Android is in beta stage, and once it will be finalized it will be an important addition for Google Play.

The Instagram for Android landing page went live and you can sign up to receive notifications when the application becomes available in Google Play.

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